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Federation Individual Miniatures

spacerWe continue to offer decals from our legacy product line, for customers who wish to order sets that would match those they already own. These decals are designed to work with the metal Starline 2500 miniatures from ADB and Mongoose Publishing.

spacerFor new customers, we highly recommend our newer 1/3125-scale decals, which have improved details and additional features and are the same scale as the ADB/Mongoose Starline 2500 miniatures.

spacerIndividual-ship decal sheets, designed to work with the following individual miniatures: spacerIndividual-ship decal sheets, designed for customers' own "kit-bashed" modifications to miniatures (of types not available in metal from ADB/Mongoose), such as:
  • BB battleship (Mars-class)
  • DN/DNG dreadnought (Federation-class)
  • DNL light dreadnought (Star Tiger-class)
  • BC(H) battlecruiser (Kirov-class)
  • CB heavy command cruiser (Constitution-class, Gettysburg-variant)
  • CC command cruiser (Constitution-class, Lexington-variant)
  • NCA new heavy cruiser (Chicago-class)
  • CA heavy cruiser (Constitution-class)
  • CS strike cruiser (Prometheus-class)
  • CF fast cruiser (Wolverine-class)
  • NCF new fast cruiser (Manta Ray-class)
    spacerAdditional NCF name suggestions
  • NCL new light cruiser (Kearsarge-class)
  • oCL old light cruiser (Texas/Province-class)
  • DW war destroyer (Ortega-class)
    spacerAlternate DW name suggestions
  • FFB battle frigate (Ramius-class)
    spacerAdditional FFB name suggestions
  • FF/FFG frigate (Burke-class)
  • Pol police cutter (Callahan-class)
  • DNW war dreadnought (no known names)
  • oCA old heavy cruiser ([Alfred the] Great-class)
  • HDW heavy war destroyer (Guards-class)
  • DDF fast destroyer (Two Moons-class)
  • DD destroyer (Saladin-class)
  • TT Fleet Transport/Tug (Ptolemy-class)
  • Sc fleet scout (Hermes-class)
spacerDecal sheets for kitbashed miniatures include helpful graphics such as templates and guides to assist in modifying the mini.
Note: Any ship not-listed is not available as a decal set. No additional decals for this particular product line will be added. Please see our products for 1/3125-scale decals for additonal ship types

Squadron Box sheet sample

  spacerTo assist our customer who wish to use our decals on miniatures other than Amarillo Design Bureau's, this is a listing of the size of the NCC-number portion of our sets, measured as a circular diameter:
  Ship   Decal NCC-Diameter   Overall Saucer-Diameter of Miniature
  DNG, BB   1.2166 in (30.90 mm)   1.7634 in (44.79 mm)
  BC(H), CB, CC, CS, Tug, DD, Scout   1.1350 in (28.83 mm)   1.5680 in (39.83 mm)
  DNW, NCA, NCL   1.0959 in (27.84 mm)   1.5680 in (39.83 mm)
  HDW, DW   0.8987 in (22.83 mm)   1.2560 in (31.90 mm)
  FFB, FF   0.7578 in (19.25 mm)   1.0760 in (27.33 mm)
  Ordering Our Decals

spacerPlease Note: Tenneshington Decals reserves the right to continuously improve the design, graphics, and materials of our products; Our decals are sold as-is, at the time of printing.
We stand behind our products and we will replace any product that is defective or printed not-matching the information provided.

spacerWe thank you very much for your business and look forward to providing you with quality product and customer service. Questions? Comments? Let us know: E-mail Tony, E-mail Will, E-mail your order.

All of our products are produced with the kind permission and under the direction of Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. Designs and the Star Fleet Universe are copyright © 2021, ADB, Inc. www.starfleetgames.com
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