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Tony Thomas spaceris the main business and operations guy for Tenneshington Decals.

Tony was introduced to the wargaming hobby by a friend in 1979 with Tactics II. In 1980, Tony purchased his first wargame: Star Fleet Battles. That set off a chain reaction which has led to the acquisition of every SFU product produced since then. But that was nothing compared to the discovery of the Starline miniatures range in the mid-1980s. With a collection of Starline miniatures numbering in the hundreds (and a few master sculpts of his own); it was only natural that the passion extend to the newest range of SFU minis - Starline 2500.

With the increased level of detail present on the 1:3125 scale Starline 2500 miniatures, the only thing lacking was a great set of decals. With too many irons in the fire to do all the lay-out, set-up, order-taking, and web-design required to operate a successful decal business himself; Tony teamed with longtime friend and fellow SFU aficionado, Will McCammon, to produce the Tenneshington Decals range of water-slide transfers for the new Starline 2500 range of miniatures.

Will McCammon spaceris the primary graphics and web guy for Tenneshington Decals.

Will has been a fan of the Star Fleet Universe since he first played Star Fleet Battles (Designer's Edition) in 1984 and discovered the Starline 2200 miniatures that went with it. He has been an avid collector of the miniatures, through the subsequent Starline 2300, and Starline 2400 lines, eventually becoming a sculptor of three of the SL2400 miniatures.

More recently, Will has leveraged his life-long passion for the technical sides of "Trek", as a consultant for Amarillo Design Bureau, supporting development of the new Starline 2500 miniatures (part of their joint-venture with Mongoose Publishing). He has acted as "chief engineer" for the ADB Shapeways project, defining the modeling specifications for 3D printing and advising a team of digital modelers and creating the models used for all Federation and Klingon starships and assorted other ships in the product lines.

Teaming with longtime friend, Tony Thomas, Will brings his deep knowledge of the ships of the SFU to developing accurate and practical art for use on the Starline miniatures.

spacerPlease Note: Tenneshington Decals reserves the right to continuously improve the design, graphics, and materials of our products; Our decals are sold as-is, at the time of printing.
We stand behind our products and we will replace any product that is defective or printed not-matching the information provided.

spacerWe thank you very much for your business and look forward to providing you with quality product and customer service. Questions? Comments? Let us know: E-mail Tony, E-mail Will, E-mail your order.

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