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Federation Fleet Box
This set includes decals to fully detail the following starship miniatures:
  • (1) DN/DNG dreadnought (Federation-class)
  • (2) BC(H) battlecruiser (Kirov-class)
  • (2) CA heavy cruiser (Constitution-class)
  • (1) CS strike cruiser (Prometheus-class)
  • (1) CF fast cruiser (Wolverine-class)
  • (2) oCL old light cruiser (Texas/Province-class)
  • (2) FFB battle frigate (Ramius-class)
  • (3) FF/FFG frigate (Burke-class)
  • (2) Pol police cutter (Callahan-class)
  • (6) Shuttlecraft
Fleet Box sheet sample

spacerOur decal sheets include hull-numbers and names for the "saucer" primary hull, banners and underside hatches/antennas for secondary hull (if any), banners and hatches for engine nacelles, and various other useful details to help make your miniature look exceptional.

spacerPlease note that the decals for the Callahan-class police cutter use blue for the banners and stripes (in the colors of the Federation National Police force), instead of the red colors used by Star Fleet ships.

spacerAlso please note that our decals are laser-printed on clear film and intended to work only on a light color background (white or light gray). They will not look their best on a dark background (dark gray, red, etc.). Our printing technology does not allow for printing white or underprinting white beneath the graphics.

spacerWe include at least two of all decals, to allow for the unexpected. Should a problem happen, you will have a spare. If not, great!; you can decal two minis for the price of one. We want your experience to be as stress-free and rewarding as possible.

spacerOur decals include illustrated placement guides and detailed application instructions. They are shipped sealed in "zip" type plastic bags to exclude moisture and protected from creasing with with chipboard stiffeners.

spacerAll of our products are custom-printed to order. The names on them are completely up to you (within a few limits; see the "fine print" on the lower part of this page). As a help to choose names for your sheet, we recommend looking through the official ADB NCC-Number/Name document.   no leading-zeroes
  spacerPlease note that in the official ADB NCC-Number/Name lists, three digit NCC numbers are listed with a "leading zero" (e.g. 0947) as a sorting-convenience in the source spreadsheet/database. The leading zero is not painted on starship hulls, appears on no cover-art or in SFU fiction/game-scenarios, and we do not include them in our decals, except by special-request. Adding them will add time to processing and shipping your order.

spacerNote that we offer greatly-expedited printing and shipping, if you select to reprint a set identical to one of our previous customers. This is due to there being no need to prepare custom art files; We can go directly to printing your decals with no delay.

spacerHere are some Fleet Box decal sets that our previous customers have selected and you can use as a re-order, should you choose to do so:

  Invoice/Job #: TD-000001 * TD-000002 TD-000008 TD-000013 TD-000025
  DN/DNG 2100-Federation 2101-Star League 2122-Unification 2112-Star Union 2122-Unification
  BC(H) 1 1751-Kirov 1761-Bismark 1751-Kirov 1751-Kirov 1765-Montana
  BC(H) 2 1755-New Jersey 1765-Montana 1765-Montana 1753-New Zealand 1752-Australia
  CA 1 1700-Constitution 1711-Potemkin 1724-Saratoga 1707-Hood 1717-Defiance
  CA 2 1709-Valiant 1724-Saratoga 1704-Yorktown 1714-Hornet 1604-Pennsylvania
  CS 1636-Prometheus 1637-Daedelus 1637-Daedelus 1636-Prometheus 1636-Prometheus
  CF 1602-Wolverine 1603-Stingray 1603-Stingray 1719-Eagle 1719-Eagle
  oCL 1 900-Texas 903-Wales 901-Carolina 918-Hokkaido 914-Suffolk
  oCL 2 910-Macedonia 912-Sinai 914-Suffolk 910-Macedonia 903-Wales
  FFB 1 471-Ramius 473-Tanabe 471-Ramius 471-Ramius 474-Enright
  FFB 2 472-Prien 474-Enright 473-Tanabe 473-Tanabe 471-Ramius
  FF/FFG 1 301-Burke 305-Drake 354-Reynolds 323-Guderian 421-Sheridan
  FF/FFG 2 323-Guderian 320-St. Vincent 401-Longstreet 336-Rommel 303-Perry
  FF/FFG 3 336-Rommel 341-Dolittle 419-Sitting Bull 313-Graf Spee 328-Montgomery
  Pol 1 2211-Callahan 2503-Gendarme 1572-Regan 1848-Wyatt Earp 26354-Deckard
  Pol 2 1920-Mountie 1959-Trooper 1577-Carter 1851-Doc Holiday 627-Kojak

* Note that TD-000001 uses all the "class ship"/first-of-type ship names.
spacerDecals for shuttle craft are numbered 01 through 06. They are too small to allow for custom-naming.

spacerIf you choose to order a reprint, all you need to do is enter the invoice/job number in the appropriate filed near the bottom of the order form along with your shipping and payment information. There is no need to re-type the ship names/hull-numbers, etc.
Order Form To order our decals -

1) Please click the link to download and open our Order Form (Adobe Acrobat required).
2) Fill out the form with your information (including the custom names you desire).
3) Save the form to your computer.
4) Attach the completed form pdf file to an e-mail sent to our orders@tenneshington.com e-mail address.

We will contact you within 48 hours to confirm receipt of your order and arrange payment.

spacerPlease Note: Tenneshington Decals reserves the right to continuously improve the design, graphics, and materials of our products; Our decals are sold as-is, at the time of printing.
We stand behind our products and we will replace any product that is defective or printed not-matching the information provided. Please take great care in filling out the form. We will reproduce what you type in, exactly. We will refuse to incorporate or print any names or other content that is deemed offensive. Tenneshington Decals will work with our customers to provide the naming they desire, but cannot and will not produce decals that would reflect poorly on us, ADB, or Mongoose.

spacerWe thank you very much for your business and look forward to providing you with quality product and customer service. Questions? Comments? Let us know: E-mail Tony, E-mail Will, E-mail your order.

All of our products are produced with the kind permission of Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. Designs and the Star Fleet Universe are copyright © 2012, ADB, Inc. www.starfleetgames.com
Unique art and this website copyright © 2012, Tenneshington Decals; Will McCammon, Tony L. Thomas.
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